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Just thought I'd say, £60 a month for your signals is probably the best money I've ever spent! Can't wait for your online course 🚀
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Absolutely loved the lesson content! I've got so much value from it. Going to go through it one more time tomorrow and then try backtesting the strategy. So clear and concise! Can't wait for the online course 📚

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Our Services

On-Site Classes

On our course you will learn everything from the basics of forex trading right the way through to the complex side of the markets, each student will finish our course with a simple yet effective trading plan to take home and use throughout their trading career.

Private Coaching

If you feel like you want to get in to the nitty gritty of forex trading or need a little extra training we offer private coaching sessions to further your abilities.

Online Course

Taking our online course gives you the ability to learn the skill set in your own time and at your own pace. Our technical analysis course covers the A to Z of becoming a profitable trader within the foreign exchange markets.

Trading Signals

If its just top quality trades that you are looking for, handpicked by our professionals, then look no further. Subscribe to get access to our Forex, Crypto, Indice and Commodities signals and community chat.


About Us

Here at Safe Trade Academy we believe in approaching the markets in a safe and sensible manner. Risk management is a key factor in your trading career and we aim to make sure every student is educated in “safe trading”.

Our services will provide you with the tools to become a full time career trader and help you break away from that gruelling 9-5! 

Let our veteran traders guide you on your path to Knowledge, Freedom & Wealth.


I specialise in “Naked Forex” and have been trading professionally for 7+ years. My hobbies and interests include fishing and off roading. 


I specialise in “Swing Trading” and have been trading professionally for 6+ years. My hobbies and interests are investing and travelling. 


I specialise in “Swing Trading” and “Higher Timeframe Trading”, and have been trading for 6+ years My main hobby is gaming.

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